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Our sole goal is to accelerate your scale-up by using the best technology or platform necessary. Often the best solution may be completely customized, or it might involve incorporating a tool from one of the thousands of other solutions providers. Our core competencies range from mobile, web, to highly scalable and available applications, and complex automation systems. Deep state-of-the-art technology expertise, across a wide range of skills and know-how, enables us to take a custom approach in developing innovative, available and configurable solutions.

Why Choose Us

Our business is about technology.

Full-stack technology expertise

We help companies develop use cases and deliver solutions at-scale by augmenting their team with our end-to-end expertise and capabilities across the technology stack.

Fast development and prototyping

Having a full stack approach helps us to deliver cutting edge solutions in short time. Our engineer’s speed relies on their abilities to cover the entire business’ process.

Transformation capabilities

Scaling up successful technology pilots to capture value at-scale can be challenging. We assure value delivery by bringing business transformation capabilities and underwriting the delivery risk.

Technology agnostic

Our sole goal is to accelerate your scale-up by using the best technology or platform necessary. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all service model. Often the best solution may be completely customized, or it might involve incorporating a tool from one of the thousands of other solutions providers.

Service excellence

Xallegro consistently delivers premium solutions to its clients. Our consulting process is focused on integrating our software development services seamlessly with the customer's workflow in order to deliver high-quality solutions within deadlines. Our staff is constantly engaged and involved in striving for continuous technical knowledge improvement

Deep industry domain knowledge

Our overall expertise does not reduce itself to technical competences; we do have a deep knowledge of the relevant core business processes, particularly in Real Estate, Manufacturing, IoT, Insurance.

Our Expertise

End to End Solutions

Our End to End approach combines digital transformation with modern software development methods, technology and architecture design; it offers an integrated approach of technology, development and operations. Being in control of your entire stack is a must for multi-technology applications built for today's interactive application landscape.

Our engineers are therefore equipped with wide knowledge of end to end digital transformation supporting our customers with solutions that eliminate the gap between current and future needs.

Accelerate Innovation

The IT challenges of running a digital enterprise can be overwhelming. Investing to maintain Legacy technology is no longer enough to meet your business’s ever-increasing demands. And moving to new technologies and applications, whether on-premise or off, presents a unique set of business risks.

Xallegro can help. Let us partner with you to modernize your core IT infrastructure. By creating an actionable reference architecture that charts the course from “as is” to “to be,” we’ll help you transform your applications and infrastructure from a business-limiting state to a growth-enabling one. 

With Xallegro at your side, you can accelerate innovation by moving applications to the cloud, enabling rapid new application development and deepening security.

We’re ready to help you anticipate the workforce changes ahead, implement the technologies you’ll need to navigate them and empower your people to thrive in the booming digital economy.

Data, Algorithms and AI

Data is the new gold. But AI can mean a lot of different things and the AI word itself is often abused/misused. We can find the right approach and the right solution to AI for your business.

Getting value out of your data is more important now than ever before. As needs for data insights increase, many organisations are facing fragmented data environments and warehouses with multiple technologies—often on multiple cloud vendors.

Xallegro helps you gain control of your data environment and start driving actionable solutions. This includes the development of a strategy, blueprints and roadmaps, along with the engineering and operational requirements to help you maximize your data investment. Our end-to-end services, delivered with industry-specific expertise and processes, help make your data simpler to understand and empower data-driven intelligent workflows.

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